The AmericasGP.

One of the most talked about round of MotoGP season was experienced today. The Circuit of Americas, dominated by Marc since a very long time. After the QP front row slots were acquired by MM93, MV25 and VR46 respectively. Followed by Zarco, Lorenzo and Pedrosa. With a great start after the flag off, Pedrosa launched his rocket ship and since first lap ruled the first position with Marquez on his rear, Rossi third and Vinãles forth. A great piece of riding displayed by Pedrosa in front till half of the race until Marc flipped his cards to play his tricks on him. Meanwhile Vinãles lost his contact and a very sad dismissal for Factory Yamaha Team. Rossi was glued to third position exploring the right time to make a move. On one turn 4 due to contact with Zarco and being off track. Rossi was penalised with 0.3 seconds in final results. Being aware of this imposition The Doctor started pulling his M1 to the limit. During this time few other riders were crashed and the world champion started showing his colors and lead the race from Dani. Last 3 laps remaining when Rossi pullled his ride and build a gap of 2 seconds which nullified the application of penalty and also gave him a second position finish in race, with Dani third. Marc managed to stand the tallest in podium today again nailing the fact that it was his track today. After the today’s race Rossi leads the world championship points with 56 followed by Maverick at 50.

Till then keep waiting for another round of MotoGP on 7th of May at Gran Premio Red Bull De España.


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