Inquisitive about Tesla? You’ve come to the right place.

Tesla has always been a topic of discussion in market today. Due to it’s magnificent growth in such a short span.

Elon musk, CEO of Tesla wasn’t the founder of it, but was associated with it since it’s inception. His leadership and valuable decisions made Tesla one of the most talked about Brands of the century which has over taken another American car makers like Ford and GM under certain criteria.

Let’s have a look at previous year’s figures,

$ 5 B equity

$ 23 B assets

$ 7 B revenue last year.
The Tesla being the only automotive company from Silicon Valley, where all the technological innovations happens. Tesla model S is the first electric sedan in the world. The car is fully functional family sedan, that offers the luxury of a premium class, accelerates like a sports car with 0-100 under 5s irrespective of it being an electric car.

The tech under the hood is a narrow artificial intelligence installed which means it is able to learn as it is used. It learns about the driver, the roads and environment it is driven into and passes the information to other Teslas in that area. This is called “Swarm intelligence”. This exchange of information improves the driving experience every single day.

Tesla model S was the first electric vehicle to win the renowned Motor Trend car of the year in 2013. Tesla’s innovation are all open source. Which means anyone can lay their hands on in it.

In 2016 Tesla announced that all of its vehicles will have a self driving hardware & technology. Tesla cars are the only cars to get an OTA (over the air) update just like your smartphone.

Let me take you through an example of this. A Tesla owner last year, complained about the steering not functioning well, so he reached out to the company and they told him to bring the car tomorrow for a checkup. That night the miracle happened and Tesla operators sitting in the office connected to the car over the air and went through the troubleshooting of it and fixed it. Next morning when the customer woke up and was on his way to the centre he was astonished to see that the car was as good as new.

The car could be summoned to you. Just give a call to car and it comes to you in office or at home.Fun fact about Tesla is first model of tesla a roadster was a massive failure. Which was laughed at in TopGear show, motivated the company to make it big.

The fastest production car tag earned by Tesla model S p100D which is 0-60 mph in 2.28s
YES, even faster than Bugatti Chiron which is 2.5s.

Tesla is not just an innovative automaker but also one of the biggest eco friendly energy suppliers on grid today. Yet there is something else tesla has achieved . Current the Tesla model X is world’s safest car.

The Tesla GIGAFACTORY will be the 2nd largest building in the world from a footprint perspective.
Which will be supplied by 100% renewable energy. It is said that 100 such factories could power the entire world.

Is this the future of automobile?

Let’s wait and see what the upcoming decade of Tesla has got for us.


7 thoughts on “Inquisitive about Tesla? You’ve come to the right place.

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  1. At £62,000 for the entry-level model, I must confess that I’m an interested bystander rather than a future client. I suppose there might be a technology trickle-down, though. Imagine if (to pick an example) Toyota could make all their cars on a renewable energy basis…

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    1. Sir I appreciate your concern but Entry level model for Tesla is Tesla model 3 with a price tag of $35,000 . Yes I accept the fact that it is a bit expensive than it should be. But in return of that sum they charge, they also provide the worth it quality and technology.


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