Automation taking over? End of manual soon?

Talking about automation. In today’s world the innovations and technologies are directed towards everything automatic. From Big Plant factories to simple components such as your living room lights. Funny thing is this morning I saw an automatic pen!!! Can you believe it? A pen which clicks open and close via phone app and voice control, Click here to check it out.

The core intention of world moving towards automation is reducing human efforts and increasing precision and performance. Automation in walking? We have segway. Automation in house accessories? We have Google and Apple home devices. Automation in driving? We have auto-pilot mode and self driving cars rising up quickly. And so on..

What could be the adverse effect of it? Honestly if we ask ourselves, your inner conscience will answer you that we have been incorporating automatic devices in places where we never needed them. This is making the upcoming generation smart, no doubt but primarily lazy and stationary for hours with least physical and mental activity. For example who would you appreciate? A snipper shooter who spent years on practicing his ability to master the art of long range shots? Or A person who used an automatic gun, used technology to lock the target and blindly gave the shot on target.

Who is a better shooter according to you?

I bet most of you will come up praising the first guy for obvious reasons. Well this is how automation is taking a heavy toll away from human race. It is taking away that quality and ability that is built not bought. Man machine interaction is increasing at lightening speed. But it also carries a scary future along with it, as a wise man said “Excess of anything is never good.” And sooner or later we will be excessively dependent on machines and which could probably be carrying a dark side for humanity in many aspects.

On conclusion, I would say automation should be only at certain required platforms where needed intensively. And having said that, driving a manual Ford Mustang with 500 bhp is always fun than sitting in a self driving BMW Vision Next 100!!

What you think? Where should we limit the automation? Or should we limit it? Or is it too late now? Comment your thoughts below.


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