Aerodynamics, heard of it but never really knew what it is exactly. Let’s brush up some physics.

Aero it self suggests that it has some association to air or in engineering terminology fluid particles. So aerodynamics is the study or observation of ways how an object reacts physically to moving air. Why Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is unable to fly even after being lighter than a Boeing 787 Jet? Aerodynamics will answer your question. 

So what forces are constituent part of Aerodynamics? Basically 4 forces, namely 1) Lift, 2) Weight, 3) Thrust & 4) Drag. The perfect ratio and values of these forces results in the amount of how your designed object will react to air flow.
Cars and Bikers in this century are becoming more and more faster. No doubt our IC engines are the core reason for this as the engineers are able to withdraw higher amount of horse power from them. But ever thought why they are evolving in more sharper and lower levelled dimensions with so many air vents and blades?

Yes that’s because of the advancement in aerodynamics.

If a car with a particular engine power output but no aerodynamic design would go hit the mark of say 220 mph on straight patch and while negotiating a corner it handles very poorly and slides off the drive line with maximum probability of a crash due to poor traction.
Now same car engine being used in a car whose body is calculated and designed, keeping all the points of aerodynamics in mind. The car would not only have a drastic increase in acceleration but it will easily force your speedometer to reach till 240 mph. Also it will stick around the corners giving driver the confidence to enter the corner at high speed and exit like a boss. 

To make it sound simple for a layman the difference can be seen in F1 cars and the cars you drive to work or school everyday.
Aerodynamics opened the gate way for us to do something that we’re not bound to do according to nature. We can fly. Studying aerodynamics and getting inspired by a bird, it tickled human brain to break that barriers and work on it. Struggles of Wright Brothers today is one of the most important transportation system for humans and it is possible only due to aerodynamics.

Aerodynamics isn’t just about achieving speed or flying but it also plays a crucial role in thermodynamics. The heat exchange in machines with respect to air flow over them is again a part of aerodynamic. Why a cooling pad of laptop is used to cool your laptop? It’s not rocket science but a normal fan inside it increases the flow to exchange heat energy. 
Design of windmill blades, space shuttles, house hold accessories, weather forecasts, etc are few other examples where aerodynamics is the backbone.
I hope you found this helpful and next time when you hear the word aerodynamics, you’re all ready in your mind to give a speech on it.


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