Building an ATV


Me and my Team of Engineering Students. We built an Off-road All Terrain Vehicle starting of from a Straight Pipe to end results of a Fully Functional Vehicle. For updates do follow and support us at Team Tomcar Vikings . DM for assistance on your projects or your suggestions are always welcomed.

Thank you.

The Inception of my Blog.

Hello people. This is officially the first post of my Blog. So I’ll Briefly summarize what this is for.
1) Mechanical brains are welcomed.

2) New ideas, Mechanics and other innovations to be discussed.

3) New Updates on latest Technologies especially in Automotive sectors.

4) Modifications of any vehicles in terms of anything to be discussed.

5) Projects and Research works to be shared.

6) Brushing up the concept of Engines, Transmissions and other crucial components of Automobile sector.

7) Reviews of current technologies and comparisons.

8) A leap into future technology with Material Science and Eco friendly alternative fuels and Technologies.

Stay Tuned and Do mention your thoughts and suggestions 😎

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